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Leadership Coaching & Training for your teams
Employee Engagement Workshops for your culture
Organizational Culture & Wellbeing for your business

One-on-One Solutions 

Engaged, high-functioning employees are 70% based on the relationship quality between leader and their direct report. (Gallop)


Leadership Coaching packages combine the best of professional coaching and leadership skills development. Personal attention tailored to each executive or manager addresses the professional and interpersonal needs of the individual, as well as specific skills or solutions for current challenges.


Empathetic communication has been identified as the “Top leadership skill in the world”.


“Empathy enables you to know if the people you’re trying to reach are actually reached. It allows you to predict the effect your decisions and actions will have on core audiences and strategize accordingly. Without empathy, you can’t build a team or nurture a new generation of leaders. You will not inspire followers or elicit loyalty. Empathy is essential in negotiations and sales:  it allows you to know your target’s desires and what risks they are or aren’t willing to take.” - Forbes Magazine

Eradicate Workplace Drama 

Imagine an engaged, happy and productive group of people, motivated and pulling together . . . and all part of your team.

Solutions for better team rapport start with higher EIQ & better communication. GMG solutions focus on advancing evidence-based soft skills, communication techniques, and preparing your people for improved, empathetic interpersonal interactions.

The people skills of leaders and interactive health of teams dramatically influence performance and outcomes of businesses and medical practices. Directly impacted are areas like staying calm and focused under pressure, connecting and communicating effectively with clients, motivating and resolving conflicts with staff. These types of skills go beyond to shape hard measures such as employee turnover, sales performance and creative problem solving.

  • Top reasons for losing customers: 70% are related to lack of Social + Emotional Intelligence (The Forum Corporation on Manufacturing and Service Companies, 2004)

  • 50% of time wasted in business is due to lack of trust, a key S+EI competency (John O. Whitney, Director, Deming Center for Quality Management, 2002)

  • The top reasons careers are derailed are related to a lack of Social + Emotional Intelligence (Center for Creative Leadership, 2005; Stanford University, 2001)


EQ has been shown to account for variance in various indices of workplace performance, and other variables that can readily be monetarized, such as absenteeism, employee engagement and employee turnover. Essentially people with higher levels of emotional intelligence tend to perform better, have less days off per year, report higher levels of employee engagement and aren’t as likely to leave or turnover (either voluntarily or involuntarily).

Improve Your Tribe-Vibe

Professional leadership development, employee engagement, elevated EIQ, and empathetic communication models for the organization as a whole are most efficacious as a bundle. Options include both live trainings/workshops, person-centered design for your specific team or organization, and one-on-one professional coaching packages. All services are evidence-based and designed to address the professional interpersonal skills of each team and it’s leadership.


Bundles are customized packages combining one-on-one coaching, leadership training/workshops, and a full-scale Employee Engagement Program (EEP) scaled to fit your culture and needs, implemented over the course of one year or more. This four-stage, data-driven process, is implemented organization-wide, with metrics and staff involvement from start to finish.


A professional, cultural and personnel development program designed to increase employee engagement, improve interpersonal communication, and enhance Equity and Inclusion (DEI), as well as the overall culture and rapport between staff and leadership.

Stone Balancing

What clients have to say...

"We wanted to thank you again for the wonderful series of classes you put on. They were wonderful!"

-Sheila, Minister,

First Church of Religious Science.

“Lisa brought up things I didn't address because I am too busy or thought they couldn't be changed. She helped shift my mindset from what it was, to what I want it to be, and has helped me find how live there. ” -Diane
“Lisa has helped me become stronger and more balanced. I feel like I could conquer the world! She is a great motivator and a wonderful source of support and inspiration."
"The feeling I come away with after our conversations is a calm confidence. The characteristic 'mini-panic' that I would have following a setback is gone. And I find myself more pursuant of the goal because of the calm confidence"  -Allan

"I would like to say thank you   (to the company) f or

providing not just fitness training, but true wellness training." -Elissa

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