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Aligning heart and soul:
the new science of healthy organizations

Leadership Coaching

Give your leadership team the professional coaching and skill development guidance they deserve through tailored sessions and personalized coaching plans. Your company's success directly reflects the effectiveness of your leaders.

Development & Training

We customize workshops for your organization's unique objectives and challenges. Every leadership training package is personalized using the most evidence-based interpersonal and management skill training tactics on the market. 

Organizational Engagement

Improve your entire organization's wellbeing and productivity through a full-scale Employee Engagement Program (EEP). Upgrade interpersonal communication, enhance Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and strengthen the overall culture and rapport between staff and your leadership team.

But why "Grey Monkey" ?

Buddhists call it the monkey mind. It is a state of mind typified by feeling unhappy, overwhelmed, anxious, unclear and drenched in attachment to the superficial. Like a monkey, this type of thinking runs around your psychological house and relationships destroying your peace, clarity, inner calm, and essentially, throwing poo at your goals, career, and wellbeing.

At GMG we help you tame your inner ape, band your monkeys together, and

evolve into a way of being, personally and professionally, that feeds your soul.

Hear it from our clients:

Address your costliest employee issues and provide your leadership team with massive time and energy savings through materials, assessments, and follow up for professional development.


Incorporate the cost savings that quarterly and monthly professional development training will bring to your staff by correcting challenges around job satisfaction, employee mindset, staff/client engagement, and enhanced communication. 

Repair your biggest employee setbacks and conceive a staff motivated for improved performance resulting in happier, higher-functioning employees that translate to amplified client experiences and organizational coordination. 

What we're good at

Captivating Speakers who drive organizational change
Emotional Intelligence solutions that will build sustainability

Leadership Development customized to your business needs
Evidence-Based Coaching your team can securely depend on  


Increase Retention Rates

American companies lose a trillion dollars per year to employee turnover; according to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, it’s about 26.3% annually.


Reduce Absenteeism

50-80% of absenteeism can be attributed to mind-state and fatigue, which can add up to $3,600 per year for each hourly and $2,660 for each salaried employee.


Improve Staff Performance 

51% report that neither a manager or other leader spoke to them within the previous 3 months about their job satisfaction or future with the organization.

"Lisa has a gift: helping people achieve their personal goals while gradually shifting their mindset. It's a brilliant combination."
—  Rex, CEO

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If you are interested in working with me, or would like more information about the products or services I offer, I would love to hear from you! 

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