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Do I need a coach?

A coach is for those areas of your life that you don't know how to improve, or areas you've been resistant in making a decision. You may want or need a coach to help you move forward in the areas of your life you feel stuck or frustrated or don't have the tools to solve. It could be the disconnection between you and your teen, the vibes in your office, your lack-luster self-care, or a business you want to start or relaunch. Coaching is for those who desire better feeling or function, and are willing to do the work to move forward.

Why coach with Lisa?

I'm unique as a coach in that I integrate today's behavioral science, Motivational Interviewing, E.Q. techniques, and New Thought principles, with a thorough knowledge of balanced health and wellbeing. When you work with me, I think you'll find we get to the core of you --- what you truly want and the most expeditious and joyful way to create it. Clarity on what is no longer useful to you mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically, we ignite the brilliant light within you and hone-in on your inner wisdom to lead the way. 

What value or results would coaching with Lisa bring to my life?

Knowledge. Clarity. Inspiration. Confidence. Solutions.

I ask my clients what they get from our coaching they respond with things like:

"Powerful affirmation" 


"Deep exploration made light"

"Intuitive understanding"

"I feel better about myself--like I can do it"

"Effective action planning"

"Useful tools"

"The ability to change my mind and take action".

Or moving forward in a clear, positive, meaningful direction with ease. 

Your energy, honesty, and willingness, coupled with our connection, are the most determinate factors of your success in this process and getting the results you desire. Most of my clients say half-way through our first call they feel different.

How does the coaching process work? How do I get started or try it?

Initially, we set up a 15-20 minute phone call. When we talk, we discuss where you're at, what you want, and what you are looking for in a coach. At that point we both decide if we are a good fit to work together. If we are, I will send you an email with an intake package for you to fill out and send back to me. This package explains more about the process and gives you specific information, like the number to call, payment details, etc. Sometimes we're not a fit or coaching isn't the best option for you right now. If that's the case, I will refer you to another expert or coach that may be a better fit for you.

What's with the "Grey Monkey" thing? 

The name "The Grey Monkey Gym" is a combo of many things, including my experiences and education. From Buddhism, the term for a restless mind, one that is anxious or spinning repetitiously, is the "monkey mind". Next aspect being the "grey matter" or slang term for the brain, the thin grey lining of the brain where much of our thinking occurs. Not to be neglected, at The Grey Monkey Gym we want to evolve from black and white thinking, emotional swings, and polarized behavior; instead we opt for a middle point or silver grey thinking. (Nothing to do with 50 Shades -- sorry!) Lastly, the gym. A gym is a place to build strength, become fit, or take better care of your health.


These things together, with my love for the silly and irreverent (a.k.a., monkeys), represent the underlying meanings of The Grey Monkey Gym. Here, we are training ourselves to maintain a sound but spirited thought system, where we utilize science and ancient wisdom to develop a practice for everyday living and joyful success. 

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