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Alignment Within is alignment throughout
Connecting The Dots between vision and team
Learning and Changing doesn't have to be boring or suck

Why "Grey Monkey" 

Buddhists call it the monkey mind. It is a state of mind typified by feeling unhappy, overwhelmed, anxious, unclear and drenched in attachment to the superficial. Like a monkey, this type of thinking runs around your psychological house and relationships destroying your peace, clarity, inner calm, and essentially, throwing poo at your goals, career, and wellbeing.​

At GMG we help you tame your inner ape, band your monkeys together, and evolve into a way of being, personally and professionally, that feeds your soul.

"What we really do is help you cut the BS with empathy, because there's no question that emotions affect the bottom line."
- Lisa Nordquist
My Approach
My Approach
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Meet the passionate team behind the Grey Monkey Group and see what expertise they have to bring to your organization

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What People Have to Say

Plant Shadow


Lisa brought up things I didn't address because I am too busy or thought they couldn't be changed. She helped shift my mindset from what it was, to what I want it to be, and has helped me find how live there.

Plant Shadow


I have been extremely pleased with Lisa. She is very knowledgeable and is also very pleasant to work with. I felt immediately at ease with her and I hope she stays part of our associate programs.

Plant Shadow


We were impressed by your presentation and the audience response was exceptional. It is a testimony to you as a speaker that you were able to bond so quickly with the audience. Your ability to energize is similar to Tony Robbins.

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