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Clients speak:

Lisa helped shift my mindset from what it is, to what I want it to be, and has helped me find how live there...I feel a sense of motivation and control over my destiny.” Diane

"Lisa motivates like no other and offers a perfect balance of charm, whit, encouragement and incredible knowledge of health & fitness.” Lauren

"I have been extremely pleased with Lisa. She is very knowledgeable and is also very pleasant to work with. I felt immediately at ease with her and I hope she stays part of our associate programs." Lynda

"Lisa's doing a great job and I always look forward to working with her. In fact, I recommended her to everyone in customer service and almost everyone has made an appointment with her. She's the greatest." Mary

"I would like to say thank you   (to company ) for

providing not just fitness training, but true wellness training." Elissa

“Lisa has an amazing ability to connect and understand, yet pushed me to dig deeper to figure out what I really wanted and needed to do.” Sam

"We were impressed by your presentation and the audience response was exceptional. It is a testimony to you as a speaker that you were able to bond so quickly with the audience. Your ability to energize is similar to Tony Robbins." Jack, Executive Director, EncourageMint

"We wanted to thank you again for the wonderful series of classes you put on. They were wonderful!" Sheila, Minister, First Church of Religious Science.


Personal & Wellbeing Coaching

I help my clients synergize mind and spirit to live with a fresh focus on what matters most to them and move forward in a clear meaningful direction.

Whether you want to create vibrant wellbeing, establish a fresh career focus, develop a practice of spiritual self-care, or implement peaceful parenting, coaching with me is a powerful way to take action in those areas of life that you feel stuck or unclear. 


Health, Wellness, & Fitness Coaching

Exercise, eating right, keeping up with medications, getting enough sleep -- you name it, most people are challenged to sustain healthy habits day in and day out.

I work with individuals and private health practices to help people build a happily-ever-healthy lifestyle. In fact, I wrote a book on it. As a Mayo Clinic Certified Health & Wellness Coach and over 20 years experience as an ACE certified Personal Trainer, I have in depth knowledge on behavior change, strength training, weight management, and injury prevention.

If you are interested in honoring your self with the habit of balanced self-care, or you want to integrate wellness coaching into your medical practice, please contact me.

Speaking, Groups & Workshops

I offer a variety of presentations for all kinds of organizations and businesses. My style is informative and fun, irreverent and action-oriented. I always leave my audience with practical takeaways, as well as a feeling of personal connection and inspiration. 

I speak on a range of topics related to mindset, wellbeing, interpersonal communication, and health. I have been fortunate that I have been featured as a guest on T.V., several radio shows, and podcasts. 

Please contact me for a full range of presentation topics and speaker fees.

About - My Approach & Bio

By integrating the principles of New Thought, health science, Positive Psychology, and current models of behavior change, I offer a different approach to whole-person and life wellbeing. I work with individuals, groups, and corporations throughout San Diego County. In 2014, I wrote and published Love Yourself Fit: the struggle-free way to end your war with weight, eat anything & live happily-ever-healthy, winning the silver medal in the Global EBook Awards.


On a personal note, I grew up (mostly) in San Diego, 

but spent my early youth split between two coasts as the daughter of a pro-football player. My parents are married almost 60 years (!) and I have one brother. I struggled for decades with my weight, food, and exercise until I found the inner path to listening to- and showing up for my self. Technically, I have a "chronic illness" that I have found an incredible teacher and magnet for developing an inner self-care practice. I am blessed to be the happily married mother of two amazing people (currently weathering their teens) and live with my husband and kids in San Diego. I love people, dogs, family, sci-fi, dark chocolate and wine (not necessarily in that order!).  

In terms of my official qualifications, I have over 20 years invested in integrated wellbeing, personal coaching, and fitness. I am ACE certified as a personal trainer and have numerous specialty credentials and certifications in multiple areas such as Motivational Interviewing, CORE Dynamics Coaching, hormone and weight regulation, strength training, and behavior change. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology (UNLV), and I am a Mayo Clinic certified Health & Wellness Coach. 

I invite you to try a free coaching session with me. I offer telephonic coaching (and in-person sessions in the San Diego area). Please contact me for details or questions. 

My Approach
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