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NATCO: Capitalizing on Convergence 

Improve Retention
Increase Engagement
Upgrade Communication

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Delivering Solutions

GMG uses evidence-based solutions to improve soft skills, communication techniques, and preparing your people for improved, empathetic interpersonal interactions. Implement a strategic whole-person wellbeing program that gets to the source of the issue while creating a safe space for your people to confront progress road blocks through one-on-one on site support. 


Imagine an engaged, happy and productive group of people, motivated and working fluidly toward goals with mutual respect and support. Solutions for better team rapport start with higher emotional intelligence, psychological safety and overall communication.

Results With UCSD LifeSharing 

Working along side Lifesharing we presented at the 16th Annual UC San Diego Health Innovations & Inquiry E-Conference, results from our Employee Engagement & Cultural Shift Program with Lifesharing of San Diego yielded noteworthy results:

• CEO rating of 4.7 out of 5

• 24% to 3% turnover decrease 

• 3.3% employee engagement increase after only 8 months of implementation

• Psychological safety ratings with leaders 61% “very” or “extremely” comfortable; with colleagues, 75% “very” or “extremely” comfortable.

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Workshops That Fit Your Needs

Our workshops are as personalized as your individual employees, you won't be investing in a one-size fits all theory when you work with us. 

Available Workshops              

  • Navigating Difficult Conversations with High-Conflict People

  • Psychological Safety for Team Productivity, Alignment & Collaboration

  • Emotional Intelligence for Engagement

  • Empathetic Communication for Sanity & Wellbeing

  • Languages of Appreciation

  • Inspiring Change with Motivational Interviewing

*Program fees vary depending on solution length and team size

Leadership Development

Leader’s abilities to elegantly and effectively communicate and lead has never been more
challenging and crucial. Equip your leaders with the skills they need…

  • Leadership skills development training & group coaching

  • Weekly, focused, 1-on-1 professional coaching (6, 9 or 12 month packages)

  • Advanced communication training

Team Cohesion

Increase your teams’ innovation, empathy and effectiveness with values-based team cohesiveness coaching with 5 Behaviors-informed assessments and facilitation.

  • Values – mission – vision alignment

  • Team and individual member assessment

  • Emotional intelligence development

Employee Wellbeing

Offer your people the wellness they deserve with a whole-person wellbeing program.

  • Mental & emotional health & wellbeing training

  • Personal & career development coaching

Organizational Transformation

Shake out your cultural rug for this robust, organization-wide transformation that combines the best of Leader, Teams & People programs to deliver a positive, high-functioning workplace.

  • 1-on-1 and team coaching

  • Learning & Development facilitation

  • Engagement program assessment, design & implementation

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About Lisa Nordquist - The GMG Approach

Lisa Nordquist, Founder of Grey Monkey Group

I offer a truly unique combination of evidence-based approaches to help individuals and organizations to master the people part of leadership and culture.


  • Learning & development program design & facilitation

  • Employee engagement & wellbeing

  • Leadership coaching & development

  • Emotional Intelligence & empathy

  • Difficult conversations & conflict resolution

  • Team productivity, alignment & collaboration

  • Behavior change 

  • Psychological safety 

The work world has changed, and with it the need to navigate remote workforces, build psychologically safe teams, and balance empathy with authority in a whole new way.

This means developing the abilities and confidence for the changing professional environment. If you're in a leadership position, you may be finding you need a completely new set of skills to match this evolving workplace environment.

I utilize the most effective techniques in motivation and behavior change, applying over 25 years of work with individuals and groups in establishing new, values-based habits and creating sustainable results. I simplify the science of relational and emotional competencies to help my clients solve their team-troubles, and become engaged, productive, and harmonious work-families.

Contact Lisa

I'm excited to connect!

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