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The struggle-free way to end your war with weight, eat anything & live happily-ever-healthy

Love Yourself Fit is a peace treaty with fat, food, exercise, and your body. There's plenty of information out in the world on what to do to get in shape, but little available on how to get yourself to do it! Love Yourself Fit is a personal training manual for your mind.


When your thinking is aligned and healthy, your actions and body naturally follow. No struggle to get to the gym, no fight with your refrigerator, and no mean commentary from that naked lady starring at you in your bathroom mirror; just a simple, daily practice of self-care. Instead of struggling with exercise, fighting food, and hating your body, your self- care evolves into a meaningful, kind, and simple daily practice.



Yoga at Home


(Exercises from the book)  


The transformation to a solid self-care practice begins with the integration of love, connection, and tiny steps each day, every day. The tools on this page are for you to play with, use in conjunction with the book, or lead you to other (similar and not so similar) elements of self-care. Enjoy!

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You know what to do to be healthy and fit, but probably struggle to maintain those habits consistently. For most of us, fat, food, and fitness has become a long-running war, and your body is the battleground.


End your war with fat, food and fitness! Love Yourself Fit provides you with a pathway to peace, an evolution of  mindset, and the beginning of an authentically positive body image. It’s a method for creating easy, kind, and lasting self-care.


Love Yourself Fit is self-care your mind, body and spirit.


Reviews of Love Yourself Fit


“Every fitness professional/personal trainer/life coach who really wants to help their clients make long term lasting lifestyle changes should read this book! A totally new take on a pervasive problem in weight loss and fitness:  How do we help our clients make lasting lifestyle changes? Lisa has excellent ideas and outlooks that will prove helpful to anyone having a hard time being consistent with exercise or struggling with a an eating issue/disorder or for those of us working with them! Lisa’s unique approach for weight management and fitness could be the ‘switch’ we are all looking for!” –Valerie, PT, CSCS


“A funny, irreverent and sometimes raunchy explanation of why most of us can’t stick to a diet and how to change our minds about it. Love Yourself Fit was so helpful to me—such a worthwhile read—I highlighted 1/2 the book!” –Vanessa


“I’ve struggled with dieting and weight loss for years, and never realized it was an internal struggle until I read Love Yourself Fit. I just thought I lacked discipline to follow through with diet and exercise…As I read her book and did the exercises, I began to change my relationship with my self and my body–from one of disappointment and despair to one of acceptance and appreciation. I’m now more self-aware in each moment, and know my journey is in the moment rather than the destination.” –Andrea


“This book changed my life. Lisa’s perspective is so refreshing and funny. Her style and voice is both comforting and reassuring.” –Candace


“I was ready for a solution, done with diets and wanted a better way. I wanted to find a way to do this that really worked. I found it in Love Yourself Fit. I used to fight myself to not overeat at night. Reading this book and working with Lisa completely shifted me. I learned to listen to my body and discovered that I wasn’t hungry; I was tired! Now I listen: go to bed instead of eating.” –Shahrzad

Sunset Kayak
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