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Motivating Behavior Change

& Creating Better Habits

in Teens & Tweens

-A live, in-person workshop, October 17th & 24th, 2020


Distance learning got you down? Tired of being ignored by your kid? Ready for a peaceful resolution to conflict and power struggles with your teen?

If you’re ready to transform your parenting approach to create a positive change, instill productive habits, and build a deeper, more meaningful connection with your teen/tween, this workshop is for you!

Through evidence-based techniques you will learn how to use dynamic and powerful tools to help your teen/tween make changes in his/her habits and choices. You will learn how to use one of the top behavior change techniques in the world, Motivational Interviewing.

This workshop includes group learning and practice, one-on-one coaching, weekly check-ins, and a newly formed support network of parents. You will be able to improve your communication skills, motivate your kids to solid habits, and change the dynamics in your household.


With your teen/tween, you can expect:
  • Reduction or end to power struggles

  • A more positive relationship that encourages engaging conversations

  • Better choices & improved habits

  • Clarity on how to proceed with your teen & actionable skills to do so

  • Increased collaboration on chores, homework, goals

  • To lay the foundation of values-based motivation, a lifelong skill

  • Better listening

  • Solutions that diffuse conflict

  • A shift in your house – better vibes!

With your personal growth you can expect:
  • Learn one of the top behavior change techniques in the world—you can use w/anyone!

  • Develop better listening & communication skills for work, family & friends

  • Build confidence in your ability to conduct a skilled conversation with a “tough customer”

  • Improve your Emotional Intelligence

  • Grow your ability to kindly manage emotions

  • Learn to practice empathy

This workshop will consist of: 

     2 socially distanced, in-person workshops, October 17th & 24th, from 9am-1:30 pm., in San Diego, CA  (safety measures will be in place; mask required)

     2, 60 minute, one-on-one private coaching sessions with Lisa

     A buddy parent coach to practice your new coaching skills and bounce ideas off

     Multiple check-ins, inspiration & reminders via text or email to help keep you on track

               All and this a better relationship with your teen for just $399. 
                  (This workshop is limited to 8 participants. Venmo option available.)


At the Grey Monkey Gym, we provide info, tools and techniques to

help you evolve within.

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